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Side note: if you haven't heard of Masaru Emoto's studies on water, we highly recommend checking it out. Search: Masaru Emoto, Water Experiments~

Our thoughts, words, intentions, breathing all impact the inner universe that is spoken of in this quote.

This is another example of how powerful we really are.

Remember! When you own your breath, no one can take your peace away... Peace, love and prosper everyone!
We bring the EXPERIENCE of Real-Time Present Moment Self-Optimizing Neural Network Upgrades via the breath!!!

The alchemical symbolism shown here reminds us of the expansion possible through our physiology, and we think that's so incredible...

In our online Breath Activators membership platform we come together 4 days per week to breath and share together, lead by a professional Breath Activator. 

In the membership there are multiple sessions optional per day.

However there is now ALSO free access to one of these classes, without membership required.

It is 4 nights a week, called the Gratitude Habit Builder!!

In these sessions we do the breaths, and pause to ask ourselves questions relating with building gratitude for our lives in between breaths.

It is an amazing, inspiring 45 minutes that YOU are invited to! 

Train your brain🧠
Enter into flow state🌊
Gain clarity✨
Experience connection with a group of like minded people🤗
Feel more aligned🎉
Enjoy some time for contemplation🌄
Gain tools for self-improvement💥
and so much more...

We want to share our breath system with as many people as possible!!

Guys! Come breath with us! 💗

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What happens when you have imagination in the context of living your best life?

It’s simple: you naturally gain the ability to reimagine your self-image.

Namely, how you perceive yourself, how you perceive others perceiving you and how you actually are.

This is key to accelerating performance.

You see, if your Self-image aligns with how you perceive yourself, how you perceive others perceiving you and how you actually are, magic happens.

Performance becomes effortless.

You move faster and faster in the right direction while doing the right things over and over again.

You become unstoppable… ✨
One of the key resources that will open up once brainwave congestion is cleared is your imagination.

Imagination is a function of the sum total of the questions you have examined about the nature of reality.

Imagination can be looked at literally as your personal “nation of images” – how you imagine the world to be – and your relationship to the world – while acknowledging the current set of social norms or circumstances without being bound by it.

Therefore, a brain that is free from brainwave congestion is a brain that can reimagine the world, others, and your relationship to all of it.

It sees the world as malleable.

No thing is set in stone with imagination.

Through imagination it can all be refreshed and made anew!!!
Once you’ve trained your brain to process brainwave congestion in real-time, new resources will naturally open up in your brain to update your internal reality of who you are, what you are and why you are who you are!!!
Today's inspiration! 🥰

Do you agree?
So what’s the direct access into the proactive level of performance?

The access into proactive systems is being 100% responsible for your breath and connecting to the four brainwave frequencies via specific breath sequences as structured in the Activated Breath™ technology:

💫Beta brain wave is accessed by Mouth Mouth breath sequences

💫Alpha brain wave is accessed by Mouth Nose breath sequences

💫Theta brain wave is accessed by Nose Nose breath sequences

💫Delta brain wave is accessed by Nose Mouth breath sequences

In the Breath Activators community you will be guided to access all four frequencies and be fully supported to ace your performance and WIN in whatever you are up to.

Share with us… What’s your game? Where are you at? We’d love to help you vanish limitations and WIN!!!
By giving your brain the ability to process brainwave congestion and update its processing for real-time, you fully recover and you now have the capability to be proactive.

Proactive systems are incredible to experience.

Your brain is literally your partner and working with you to solve every problem you encounter to come up with solutions.

And, with every problem solved, your processing power increases.

It’s like a self-reinforcing system that continually reaches higher and higher levels of performance… and with the human brain there is no top to this mountain!!! 🥳
What happens when you enter the synchronous state mentioned in our last post (via the breath)?

The first thing that happens is you regain control of your brain’s functionality.

Functionality means the range of operations that your brain can run so that it can serve its purpose well.

The brain’s purpose is to effectively and efficiently process the data it receives from the external and internal environment.

As you recognize that your breath is actually the remote control you’ve been looking for to regulate the four main groups of frequencies your brain is processing moment by moment: 

Beta brain wave
Alpha brain wave
Theta brain wave
Delta brain wave

As you connect with each brain wave through a harmoniously organized set of breath sequences your personal bandwidth to handle life moment by moment grows organically and geometrically.

The net effect of this process done consistently over time is no more overwhelm and overload!!!

This is an apt description of what we're doing in our online breathwork gatherings... and we want you to come and see for yourself!!!

Free classes with no required commitment!!! Link in bio.
What happens to your performance when you consistently practice Activated Breath? (whether performance for you is in your work, life or skills and talents you're constantly upgrading)

It’s simple!!

With ongoing breath practice you will ACE your performance by going through the 6 zones of performance including:

🔴Inactive – resentful, jealous and apathetic

🟠Reactive – grieving and fearful

🟡Hyperactive – desiring, angry and prideful

🟢Active – courageous, neutral, willing and accepting

🔵Proactive – performing without stress

🟣Synchronous – experiencing spontaneous positive outcomes

This is written from direct experience of using our breathing system throughout the day.

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This is one of the reminders we usually give at the end of our online breath sessions.

When you own your breath, no one can take your peace away!

What an empowering statement!

Our breath really is that powerful.

Breath awareness is an ideal baseline to move from in facing anything in one's life.

Our breath gives us stronger power in awareness, so we are living moment to moment, breath to breath.

We can then be highly perceptive to what the moment is bringing plus be tuned into the response that feels the most aligned with our very core being.

We can then move with the moment from that place of peace.

With practice, (and likely quite a bit of self-work) we can all access this way of being, which is such an incredible blessing!

When you own your breath, no one can take your peace away!!😄
"Cosmos is a Greek word for the order of the Universe.
It is in a way the opposite of Chaos.
It implies the deep interconnectedness of all things.
It conveys awe for the intricate and subtle way
in which the Universe is put together."
~Carl Sagan
How is brainwave congestion cleared?!

Brainwave congestion is cleared by practicing the Activated Breath™ technology that clear brainwave congestion in the Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta brain waves through specific breath sequences.

Based on the science of brain waves, Activated Breath™ sequences are far more than the exchange of gases.

When done correctly, our Activated Breath™ sequences ENHANCE the individual by enabling direct communication to the command centre of the brain through one of the four brain wave frequencies. 

The most valuable output of this process is the generation of a fifth type of brain wave frequency called Gamma.

Gamma is the all-adaptive brainwave that can morph into any of the other four frequencies.

This enables an order of magnitude with a greater (think 10X) amount of potentials, capabilities and possibilities that activate when the Gamma brainwave is being generated.

Gamma is what is required by the brain to operate the deeper senses and to shift from a chemical operating system (think “reactive, resistant, chaotic and stuck”) into a photonic operating system (think “responsible, generative, creative and innovative”).

Initially, Gamma is what reduces stress, overwhelm and overload.

As it is generated, Gamma is what enables instant connection, creation and exponentially increases one's capability to take effective action.

Bottom line: Gamma has an ASTONISHING effect on the quality of life for the individual, and our breathing sequences are specifically designed to produce the Gamma brainwave!
✨ What happens when you clear brainwave congestion?

✨ Clearing brainwave congestion has an incredibly positive effect on an individual’s capacity to handle more, do more and all with far less stress.

✨ All of this happens as a result of one thing and one thing only: the ability to BE PRESENT and STAY PRESENT.

✨ In other words, nothing "re-activates" you.

✨ You don’t go into the past to analyze something, or into the so-called “future” (which is really based on an incomplete event from your past) to decide your way of being and acting in the moment.

✨As you generate presence through your practice, and when done over time, qualities such as clarity, confidence and intentionality naturally arise in the process of life itself.

Please share below how this message impacts you!!!~~
What is brainwave congestion?

Brainwave congestion occurs when the brain has a backlog of data (eg. memories and experiences) to process.

This data is stored to be processed “later” when sufficient resources will be available.

Unfortunately, unless there is a reliable way to clear brainwave congestion, the amount of stored data keeps compounding daily (after every sleep cycle).

This leaves an individual with the experience of stress, information overload and emotional overwhelm.

It results in a drop in processing power and effectively puts the brain in a reactive state leaving a person unable to deal with all of the data feeds incoming into the brain, moment by moment.

Stay tuned to find out more about clearing brainwave congestion🥰
Our physiology is deeply and intimately ONE with our consciousness and experience of BEING. 

And, it's absolutely wonderful that we have the option to consciously interact with that physiological process, just by breathing, (as shown above) in order to...

center ourselves,

deepen our connection with ourselves as spiritual beings,

increase our performance in the world and in our lives,

be healthier physically: with the movement of fluids in the body and the stimulation of the vagus nerve with the breath (more on that soon) and so much more,

move cerebrospinal fluid which influences so many aspects of our health,

deepen our connection with our bodies and the larger body of our planet with which we are intimately connected,

deepen our connection with the elements, and especially our relationship with air and spirit, both physically and metaphorically,

enter into deep harmony of our experience of being alive,

and SOO much more that comes with conscious interaction of our breathing process....

Would YOU or someone you know benefit from learning to breathe with conscious precision to enhance mental function by stimulating gamma brainwaves?

Breathing with us is FREE and accessible 4 days a week to anyone with a wifi connection and a place to sit for our group sessions.

Join us online to Unleash Your Self with Breath and Vanish Limitations!!! 🎉🎉🎉
What are brainwaves?

Brain waves are frequencies used by neurons to communicate with each other and interact with data.

Brain waves are divided into four main groups of frequencies. 

The four main groups of frequencies are: 
Beta brain wave
Alpha brain wave
Theta brain wave
Delta brain wave

The Beta brain wave is responsible for processing chemical operations of the human body.

The Alpha brain wave is responsible for processing emotions and our state of mind.

The Theta brain wave is responsible for processing information and our order of operations.

The Delta brain wave is responsible for processing expression and the way in which we communicate and collaborate with others.

Isn't that fascinating?!
We are each on a mind-blowing cosmic journey just like the being in this epic @alexgreycosm painting.

Stay tuned to learn more about brainwave congestion and clearing congestion using the breath!
"Breathing affects your






and psychic systems;

it also has a general effect on your sleep, memory, ability to concentrate, and your energy levels."
~Donna Farhi

This, and our breathing is something we can learn to have greater autonomy over, thereby improving one's life on every level!

It is something so simple and accessible for nearly everyone.

This is our PASSION! Come breathe with us!!!
"We are travelers on a cosmic journey;
Stardust swirling and dancing in the eddies
and whirlpools of infinity.
Life is eternal.
We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other,
to meet, to love, to share.
This is a precious moment.
It is a little parenthesis in eternity."

~Paulo Coelho
We are such incredible beings!

Naturally so, in a cosmos like ours...

What does this evoke for you?! 🥰✨