In our last post, we touched on using the breath to program how your brain processes memories.

Why is this useful?

By processing memories of positive events you can speed up healing processes of the human body and prepare yourself for more advanced memory processing!

This is what we are doing in our breath sessions.

We invite you to join us!
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With your breath, what can you program?

How your brain processes memories.


And what can you generate?

Clarity of your being.
The foundational breathing pattern for generating the ~rare~ Gamma brainwave is:  mouth-mouth, mouth-nose, nose-nose, nose-mouth and mouth-mouth.

Three cycles of this pattern is the foundation required to access the programmable and generative functions of your brain🎉

Programmable means having the step-by-step codes that reliably produce specific outcomes.

Generative means your brain is capable of generating new neurons eg. neurogenesis and go beyond what’s predictable and known.
We now have a group on Meetup!!!

We are a group of passionate and intelligent individuals who breathe masterfully together. We breathe to sleep better, dream better, perform better, and live better.

In our group, you will experience our Activated Breath system.

Grab a journal, bring your lungs and join our party!

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If you’ve been following our profile for some time you will be very clear that there is more to breath than meets the eye.

Breath is far more than simply inhalation and exhalation.

Breath is far more than the exchange of gases.

Breath, with a little extra effort, turns into a programmable language of immense depth and capabilities.

Activated Breath, the breath technology we share and teach in Breath Activators, is a code of 0s and 1s, encoded in a stream of breath sequences so that you can be the conscious programmer of your reality.

How does it work? 😊

It works by understanding the underlying mechanics of brainwaves (how your brain processes chemical, emotional, mental, interactive and physical data), and the rare Gamma brainwave that your brain uses to operate itself, the body and your being.

Gamma is the most powerful brainwave you can generate to increase your adaptability in-the-moment – all done by sequencing your breath in specific patterns – as it enables the brain to not only reset itself but open itself up to new instructions, permissions, settings and parameters.
Our Activated Breath™ unique breathwork approach is the performance enhancer you’ve been looking for so that your greatness naturally expresses itself.

The more you use Activated Breath™ to process brainwave congestion (traffic in your brain’s neural networks) the simpler and easier it is to be with yourself (the way you are and, most importantly, the way you’re not) and perform with others to produce unprecedented results in any area of your life...!!!
A sweet reminder 💖
Gratitude is to return kindness to the people that assisted you in being great in your life.

Who are those people in your life?

How do you return that kindness?

Along the way to greatness you will need to have grit and to grind through many things. Those pesky things that get in the way of your greatness. But, you’ll do it – if you want to be great and you keep your greatness as your North Star.

In the Breath Activators community we encourage all members to begin their journey of using our Activated Breath™ technology to accelerate their journey to having gratitude and being grateful.

Join us for the Gratitude Pad Activator with Michelle Ibarra. Monday through Thursday from 8:08 pm to 8:30 pm EST!
“True happiness is to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future, not to amuse ourselves with either hopes or fears but to rest satisfied with what we have, which is sufficient, for he that is so wants nothing. The greatest blessings of mankind are within us and within our reach. A wise man is content with his lot, whatever it may be, without wishing for what he has not.”
― Seneca
Gratitude is to be ready to show appreciation for what you have.

What do you appreciate?

Who do you appreciate? 

How can you empower those around you to be appreciating all of the many blessings our world offers?

In other words, how can you elevate those around you so that they experience themselves as more valuable, happier and far more fulfilled and satisfied?
Lets go deeper into the idea of gratitude as an access to greatness...

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful.

What are you thankful for?

Are you present to what you are thankful for on a regular basis?
Gratitude as the access into greatness...

Gratitude is a quality.

Gratitude is a doorway into a qualitative shift in your life.

Gratitude is your access into greatness.

Do you want to be great? It begins with gratitude!!

Without gratitude greatness is not possible. You may be good, but you’ll never be truly great.

So, gratitude is a foundation for those who want to excel in anything they take on in life.

Come to our Gratitude Habit Builder! Happening online 4 evenings per week, free of charge!!! Info in our profile description💖
Using breath as a technology you can generate unlimited space and capacity to create anything your heart desires.

It’s not about going fast.

It’s about developing and having a beyond human belief in yourself – far beyond what’s considered normal.

It’s about recognizing that each and every breath you take connects you to the seventy five trillion cells that make up your body and the seven octillion atoms you are made up of.

For the record, seventy five trillion is 75,000,000,000,000 and seven octillion is 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

With breath on your side, you are in control of your destiny!!!
Beyond performance, continued...

It is the realization of performance into a system that you initiated, generated and maintained until others took it over because they were completely inspired by the game you were up to.

Beyond performance is the letting go of performance so that others can perform in the space you left for them.

It is a gift you give to others and the world.

The gift of the opportunity to perform and experience oneself as truly great.

And this is the power of using our Activated Breath™ technology.

You initiate your own breath practice.
You generate your own breath practice.
You maintain your own breath practice. 

Breath is the connection that you develop with life, your own existence and your purpose behind that existence.
What is beyond performance is tough to talk about because most of us don’t have an operational model for experiencing it on a consistent basis.

However, it is valuable to give yourself permission to experience it. 

What we experience beyond performance is those moments when we love absolutely, where our lives are dedicated to something far greater than what we need or what we want to get out of life. 

It is mastery. ☯️

It is invincibility. 💪

It is the sublime. 🌈
Did you know?!

Your breath is like a remote control for the 4 main brainwave frequencies, namely: Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta.

Each brainwave impacts your moment to moment experience differently.

By using the breath as a remote control, you can learn to select which brainwave you want to have in any moment.

This is what we teach! All are welcome.

See profile description for more information and online session options😊
About our team's experience with using our breathing sequences in tandem within team performance...

Now… we are not going to sit here and tell you that we have achieved even 1% of this team performance process (discussed over the last 3 posts) here at Breath Activators, but by playing the game to put the system online at 1%, we are currently moving at speeds that would have been highly unrealistic even 1 year ago.

The rate of acceleration of processing power is phenomenal.

The more we breathe the smoother our operations become.

The more space we have to create and generate our intended reality with ease and playfulness.
Breath done in specific sequences includes programmable functions and can greatly enhance your brain with processing events faster to extract their value by increasing clarity, improving memory, brain speed and pattern recognition.

As you can see, taking actions through breath sequences will naturally increase performance in the process itself – and eliminate fear, doubt and worry – so that you can perform and make your dreams, goals and objectives happen with ease😍
Increasing Team Performance with Breath

In today's hyper-competitive environment having access into ever-increasing personal and team performance is a key foundation to simply keep up. This is why we created the Performance Curriculum at Breath Activators.

So, how can breath give you and your team access into ever-increasing performance?

First, performing breath sequences is a performance in and of itself. Your posture, the volume of your breath, the speed of your breath, the pressure of your breath, the specific sequence, whether you're breathing in or out – or with the nose or mouth and how you move while you perform each breath sequence – all of it is part of the performance.

Second, there is also how you move relative to other people that can make or break a performance. The more you practice together with your team the more aligned you will become, and the more energy and results you will produce together.

Third, learning to breathe as an act of performance is a practice. Practices require structures and integrity to be done correctly. The more they are done the better your performance will be. Think about it in terms of going to a practice (as in soccer or basketball or tennis) -- and then performing what you have practiced in front of an audience. Performance, in this sense, is really about preparing yourself to perform well and harmoniously in a team setting!🎉
While you can perform as an individual, there are levels of performance beyond the individual that no individual could ever perform at.

This is the realm of team performance.

In our community, we like to say, performance is truly a team sport… and, those who use the Activated Breath™ technology together, win far more often together.

But… what’s the big deal about team performance?

Team performance provides a new possibility for performance because it does not require you to change. At all. Ever. All you need to recognize is what you are good at and develop yourself until you’re great at it. And when you’re great keep reaching for your next level of greatness.

Everything that you’re not good at gets handled by others on your team… but how does this happen?

The secret is in your ability to
1. Stop fixing the parts of you that you think are broken and
2. You need your brain to synchronize in the moment with others; at whatever brainwave they are operating from.

So how can Activated Breath™ assist you in performing with your team?

You will stop fixing the parts of you that you think are broken

Your brain will automate synchronizing with others allowing for the team to be in a flow state together.💥🥳

We have experimented with this for our Breath Activators Team and will share more in coming posts about Team Performance and our experiences!!
Give yourself permission to take time to breathe,
to live life,
to give,
to love,
to reflect,
to be present,
and to just be 🌸💗
More cosmic inspiration for this brand new day ✨
Prana can be translated from Sanskrit as “Breath of life “, “vital energy”, “spiritual energy” or “vital principle”.

This term is used in yogic teachings as a general reference to the manifest energy of the entire universe.

This original creative force is constantly flowing around us and within us🤯
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